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Mind-Body Integration

Ancient traditions weren't nearly naive enough to attempt to "fix bad thinking with good thinking."  They understood that the only way to create deep and lasting transformations in consciousness is to work through your body!  Properly understood, high-level mind-body "technology," like the Chinese Qigong pictured here, can heal the body, de-stress the mind and give you direct access to YOUR "inner ocean."  One of the best ways to start this journey is...

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Mindset Mastery

The majority of mindset advice out there today sits on a continuum between "Just work harder, push yourself more!" and "Relax and follow your bliss."  How have these worked out for you so far?  Every human being can access his/her full potential, as long as they understand that their real objective is a definable neurological reality we simply call MIND-STATE X...

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Spiritual Connection

The modern Western World's ignorance of all things spiritual is so deep and so pervasive that almost all teachings and opinions out there in the public sphere are hopelessly flawed and not supported by the documented FACTS.  So how can anyone find what will really help them achieve an intimate connection with God / Source?

First, you need to get the facts, to understand that the true ancient traditions that can help you (including the ancient Christian mystical tradition) are completely different from what passes for "religion" these days, that their core approaches should be understood as scientifically proven and that all that remains is to adapt their approaches to the conditions of modern life.  You can learn more here....

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