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About Us

Dr. Symeon Rodger

Dr. Symeon Rodger’s more “sedate” side has expressed itself as a
university professor, a married priest of the Eastern Orthodox Church and a
best-selling author on personal transformation. On the more “edgy” side,
Symeon is a martial arts expert, a certified emergency management
professional, and trained in counter-terrorism by veterans of the US and Israeli
special forces.

He is arguably the world’s top expert in the ancient world’s amazing
systems of personal development through spiritual practice, health
maintenance and martial arts.  Combining his vast knowledge of these
ancient systems with modern science and rigorous attention to historical
fact, Symeon specializes in creating liberating and life-transforming
paradigm shifts in audiences of all kinds.

Symeon  distilled his first three decades of research and experience into
his 2010 best-selling manual on personal resilience, The 5 Pillars of
Life: Reclaiming Ownership of Your Mind, Body and Future.

He is an internationally known authority on mindset and creator of several
multi-media programs in the field, including The Mindset Mastery Virtual
Bootcamp, Explosive Momentum and INVINCIBLE PSYCHOLOGY.  He
has worked personally with many of today’s leading figures in the areas of
mindset, peak performance and physical-emotional health, including T.
Harv Eker, Dr. Alex Loyd, Dr. Carol Look, Mark Joyner, Cynthia Kersey,
Loral Langemeier, Jack Zufelt and many more.

In addition to helping thousands of people to transform their mindsets and
put their spiritual journeys on solid ground that gets results, Dr. Symeon
has also spent the last 15 years sharing the astonishing body-mind
integration “technologies” of Chinese Qigong across the globe, with
programs like Rock Solid Tranquility, Rock Solid Health Qi Gong and
The Ocean of Energy.

As a sought-after keynote speaker and trainer, Dr. Symeon’s mission in
nothing less than to guide everyone on planet earth to experience the

INNER OCEAN that connects all of us with one another, with the planet
and with the Absolute Reality behind the universe. At Your Inner Ocean,
we believe this and this alone is the one thing that can move humanity past
its seemingly endless, self-created problems and build the kind of global
leadership we will need to survive and ultimately to prosper throughout the
21 st century and beyond.

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