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Dissolving the Anxiety Gremlin

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

In Taoist meditation, the process for getting rid of anxiety, and really any kind of tension, is called dissolving.  This method leverages the fact that tension of the mind and emotions also manifests in the energy system and the body in a palpable way.  

And just as the mind affects the body, the body affects the mind.

If you can find that physical tension and relax it, you're a lot closer to relaxing your mental tension.  But here's the catch:

You can't force the tension to release.  (Sometimes you can, but it's a bad idea.)  You have to allow it, give it permission to release.  If you have any experience in consciously directing your body's energy, move some healing energy into that tension first.

Tip #1:  Whenever you can do this as a meditation, start in a seated position, relax by paying attention to your breathing, and then start a slow body scan from the crown of your head downward, stopping to dissolve each point of tension.  If you can't resolve one, try leading it's energy downward to the next.  If you feel tired, stop.

Tip #2:  if you feel like you just can't let go of some anxiety, it may be that you haven't been in a situation yet that has shown you that it's alright to do so, that you can even be better off without that defensive anticipation.  Be patient and alert to those moments when they come.

This kind of meditation is a specialty of Bruce Frantzis, who'll give you the quick 2-minute version as it relates to anxiety in the video below.

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