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How Neuroscience Forgot that Brains Have Owners, and A Few Things To Boost Morale

You may remember some of our previous content about Western society's tendency to disincarnate - to forget that our minds are actually attached to our bodies and that the two are interconnected.

Here's an interesting spin on that idea: neuroscience forgetting that the electrochemical processes of the brain actually exist within the context of a larger organism.

It turns out that as imaging technologies have advanced, it has become tempting to design studies that forget to account for behavioural, whole-body, psychological and environmental factors.

Crisis Notes

Because we can all use some good news amidst the slow-motion catastrophe, here are just a few of the ways people are pulling together (metaphorically speaking) to help each other through these tough times.

In other COVID-19 news, two of the few countries so far that's actually done alright. South Korea and Taiwan seem to have successfully flattened the curve without shooting their economies in the foot.

Bruce Frantzis Respiratory Qigong

In this video, Bruce Frantzis reviews what Qigong and alternative medicine approaches can do for respiratory health, with some simple exercises.

Powerful Guided Refocusing Meditation

This guided meditation by Bob Proctor is a powerful 'reset' for your state of mind and your entire organism, and is wonderful for helping to refocus on goals at times like this:

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