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If You’re Not Making Progress in Mindset and Meditation

… This could be for you.

Have you consistently felt like whatever you manage to achieve in terms of meditation and mind work, it doesn’t change your real life? Have you felt like there’s a ceiling to your progress you just can’t break through? Is there one thing in your life so problematic that it ruins everything else and you just can’t shift it?

Before beginning on any serious effort at self-improvement, the first thing we all need to do is some housecleaning. We’ve all been programmed – by traumatic events, by the attitudes of our parents and teachers, and the inherited baggage of the society in which we live. Taoist master Zhang Boduan called that influence Temporal Conditioning.

What that conditioning does to us is obscure our true nature and prevent our psychosomatic organism from functioning properly.

But it’s not just about the mind. It’s a complex phenomenon tangled with emotions, the immune system and the fight-or-flight response.

The short-term consequence of this programming is to keep us in what Joe Dispenza calls Survival Mode. In that state, we live in a hostile, solid, inexorable world. So long as that kind of program is running, meditation and mindset work will deliver results just a hair above zero.

The long-term consequence is that we build up both mental circuitry and physical deposits of emotional tension within the body and its energy system. This body-mind connection is what makes us feel that the emotions we have built up are more real than anything we could do against them, because it can feel as though they’re physically sitting on our throats.

It Works Both Ways

But the body-mind connection can also work backwards. We can work within our body’s energy system to dissolve these blockages, and there are many, many systems for doing just that.

In the Taoist tradition, this is called the Dissolving Process.

In the Taoist Water tradition, there is an extensive method for finding these dysfunctions in the energy system, bringing qi to them and transforming them to achieve spiritual progress. The first stage of this process is called ‘settling your dust’, which is both a quote from Laozi and invokes the idea that silt in still water will settle to the bottom.

This can be regarded as a more thorough antecedent of many visualization-based approaches today.

Modern approaches like EFT and TFT make use of acupuncture points to try to dissolve emotional blockages in the energy system. Others, like the Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.), use novel methods to achieve the same result.

Joe Dispenza’s method and others like it seek to transform the mind-body system from the side of the mind, creating new neural networks that in turn generate new biological realities.

But I’ve Tried…

Some of you are saying “I’ve tried several of these and a bunch of other approaches, and I’ve felt some results, but overall I’m still trapped by the same thing. Shouldn’t I have found healing by now?”

I know, the propaganda around some of these systems makes it all seem easy. Sometimes it is. Single phobias, for instance, can be cured or severely reduced as easily as snapping your fingers by some of these systems.

But other problems can be far more complex, far harder to shift, and I’m here to tell you, not all of these systems are created equal in dealing with them. It may take five or six in combination to even begin to make progress.

On Friday, we’ll talk about what to do when nothing seems to be shifting that one gigantic inner obstacle that touches every part of your life.

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